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Guardianships Lawyer New York

Establish Guardianships or Conservatorships for Minors and Adults in New York

If your mother or father in New York suffers from dementia, Alzheimer's or any type of incapacitation and you need someone locally to watch out for your parent's well-being, consider a guardianship. The incompetent/incapacitated person may be your adult disabled brother or sister, your aunt or uncle, or anyone that you care about or for whom you feel responsible. A guardian may be a family member, a social worker, a lawyer or anyone appointed by the court.

Guardianships Protect Assets of the Disabled Minor and Elderly

At the law offices of Elisabeth A. Barker, Attorney at Law, elder law is an area of our law practice. Contact us to schedule a consultation regarding a guardianship for an elderly family member.

The "ward" (the person who is disabled or incapacitated and is need of a guardian) lacks the necessary judgment or ability to handle his or her own affairs in areas such as:

Financial matters, including banking and paying bills
Health care decisions, including approval for medical procedures
Personal affairs, including daily living activities
Legal Matters

A Background in Home Health Care for the Young and Elderly, Disabled and Ill Person

Attorney Barker was a home care nutrition consultant before starting her law career. In that role, she interfaced with doctors, nurses, therapists and family members on a wide range of needs that an elderly person or disabled child or adult faces. As an attorney, she has been appointed by the Courts as a Court Evaluator to determine if the alleged incapacitated person was in need of a guardian. She has also been appointed as a guardian with the responsibility of handling the legal, medical and financial affairs of the incapacitated person. As an attorney, she adeptly and compassionately handles legal matters including guardianships for disabled or otherwise vulnerable children and adults.

Aware of Practical Matters

Family members often feel that a grandparent, parent or other family member living far from responsible and healthier family members needs assistance in areas such as weekly check-in visits, personal care assistance and/or financial management. A guardian can have the authority to handle the vulnerable adult's financial matters including management of bank accounts or portfolios and paying bills. A guardian's authority may include procuring medical assistance and treatment, securing home aides in order to keep the older person in his or her familiar home setting, and assuring that the person lives comfortably and with dignity in the least restrictive setting possible. A guardian will need to file an annual accounting with the Court delineating income and expenses for the incapacitated and/or disabled person.

Establish a Guardianship for a Disabled Minor or Young Adult

If your child was the recipient of a medical malpractice award, sustained an injury and received a financial settlement or born with a birth disability, a guardianship can protect the interests of your child. Learn how to establish healthy parameters for family members and caregivers. It is important to insure that the young child or teenager is protected and not manipulated or exploited by others, both financially and legally.

Discuss your family's needs for a guardian/conservator. Call or email the law firm of Elisabeth A. Barker, Attorney at Law, to schedule a consultation.

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