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There may come a time when your family needs a lawyer to handle sensitive and complicated family matters such as a divorce, custody of and/or visitation with a child or grandchild, support for a child or spouse, or the adoption of a newborn, foster child or step-child. Or possibly, your family needs assistance for a disabled child or an elderly parent. Maybe you are seeking an appropriate placement setting for your parent and are hopeful they will be able to continue to live with dignity and in comfort. Maybe your need for an attorney only involves a traffic ticket received while traveling through New York.

Our Firm Provides Services to both In-State and Out-of-State Clients

A wide range of people affected by these and other legal challenges in New York seek the assistance of our firm. Our clients include divorcing spouses, local or out-of-state adult children of elderly parents in the area, children and grandparents in need of legal protection, out-of-state non-custodial parents with a New York child support order, and local and/or visiting motorists who have received a traffic ticket in New York.

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Our Compassion Is Genuine And Personal

Members of our law firm have personally experienced sensitive family situations similar to those our clients face, such as divorce, single parenthood, child custody and child support issues, grandparent visitation and an elderly parent with Alzheimers. We have counseled and represented many clients and families with similar legal challenges and concerns.

We understand what people experience during times of family adversity. This personal knowledge helps with assisting our clients through some emotionally charged and sensitive situations. Our clients express gratitude for the compassionate and understanding manner we demonstrate as they explain their personal and legal challenges.

Our Goal is to Provide Sophisticated, Yet Personalized Solutions to Your Legal Concerns

We have a clear understanding of the law which helps to provide stability and security to our clients. We have a complete and thorough array of relevant skills and knowledge which we use to implement the most appropriate and customized legal solutions for each respective client.

Our Approach Gives Clients Access To Alternative Points Of View

With our individualized approach, clients receive the benefit of more than one perspective to resolve their legal issue. Contact Attorney Elisabeth A. Barker to schedule a consultation with an attentive, experienced and effective lawyer who is ready to help you address your family law matter, with the determination and confidence that a favorable solution is within your grasp.