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Military Divorce

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Syracuse Military Divorce Lawyer

Military families face challenges that are unique only to them. This is true even more when it comes to divorce involving service members. Whether you are a service member or the spouse of a service member, you need to ensure that the divorce lawyer you hire to represent your interests is knowledgeable in this special area of law.

At the New York law firm of Elisabeth A. Barker, Attorney at Law, our lawyer has more than 15 years of experience guiding individuals through the divorce process. She has knowledge and experience analyzing both military laws and New York state laws in divorces. Contact our Syracuse military divorce attorney to learn how these different laws will intersect in your divorce proceeding.

Putting Personal and Professional Experiences to Work for You

In addition to her legal experience representing individuals throughout the military divorce process, attorney Barker also has personal experiences that she can bring to the table. As a former military spouse herself, she is personally familiar with military rules and regulations. Her personal and professional knowledge enables her to adeptly assess and resolve all matters involved in these divorce cases, including:

  • Military pensions: The spouse of a military member is entitled to a portion of that member’s military and non-military pensions. The rules and regulations regarding how much and when the pension is paid out can be confusing to work through without the help of an experienced lawyer.
  • Health care benefits: Certain health care benefits are available to ex-spouses and children, but strong advocacy is required to ensure you receive all of what you are entitled to.
  • Child custody and visitation : Service members are just as entitled to custody and visitation as the spouses who are left behind. Regardless of who you are, we will fight to ensure your parental rights are upheld and respected during your divorce proceeding.
  • Child support and alimony : A key issue involved here relates to the fact that some income earned by a service member is non-taxable, meaning it does not appear on tax returns. It takes a keen eye and dedicated advocacy to ensure all income is being analyzed for support purposes.
  • Property division: From debt allocation to asset division, we assess all property to determine what is personal, marital or military-owned.

It is important to understand that, under federal law, individuals who are on active duty at the time of the filing of divorce may stay the procedures until their tours are complete. Reach out to our law firm for more information.

Contact Our North Syracuse Military Pensions Attorney

As the outcome of a military divorce can depend greatly upon your lawyer’s knowledge of the nuances and differences between military and state laws, ensure you seek legal representation from a lawyer who has the knowledge you need. Contact our New York family law firm today to learn how our services can be of benefit to you at this time.