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Divorce and Separation

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Divorce is a painful experience, but it is also a new beginning. Each family’s needs, values and goals will be different from another family. At the law office of Elisabeth A. Barker, Attorney at Law, we assist clients who wish to initiate their divorce or who have had divorce thrust upon them. Attorney Barker has more than 15 years of experience helping people through the process of divorce. For those couples who do not believe in divorce for certain reasons, we are also available to provide legal separation services.

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We Provide Complete Divorce and Legal Separation Services

There are many different aspects that must be considered during a divorce or legal separation:

We are able to provide these services to individuals involved in traditional divorces, military divorces and same-sex divorces.

Able to Assist You Through Any Divorce Resolution Process

As long as you meet one of the grounds for divorce recognized by the state, we are here to help you identify and resolve all potential issues in front of you. We encourage couples who are able to work together to pursue the finalization of their divorce through mediation or the collaborative law process. For couples who are unable to agree upon all issues at hand, we stand ready to represent one party’s interests in divorce litigation.

Providing Full Legal Separation Services

A legal separation in New York state requires much of the same decision-making process as a divorce and involves many of the same issues. A separation agreement can be in effect until one party dies or until the two partners decide to move ahead with a divorce. Financial records and other key pieces of information are necessary and helpful in preparing a separation proposal that will protect your rights during the period of time when you are separated.

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