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Temporary Maintenance Relief

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Syracuse Temporary Maintenance Relief Attorney

New York is a generous state when it comes to awarding spousal maintenance (commonly referred to as alimony). Temporary alimony may be awarded while a divorce is pending. Permanent alimony may be awarded as part of the final divorce settlement.

At the law firm of Elisabeth A. Barker, Attorney at Law, we provide skilled representation to individuals seeking relief from temporary alimony awards. With more than 15 years of family law experience, attorney Elisabeth Barker understands how to work within the framework of the law to release her clients from the obligation of these awards. Contact our New York law firm today to learn more.

Helping You Get the Relief You Need

If there is a motion or request made to the court for temporary spousal maintenance, the court must assess whether the requesting party meets all statutory requirements. This does not require meeting a high bar. Indeed, if there is a great disparity of income between the parties, the court may also choose to enforce the payor spouse to also cover the attorney fees for the requesting spouse.

Our Syracuse temporary maintenance relief lawyer is here to assist you in seeking reprieve from a burdensome award. While temporary spousal support is meant to enable the spouse of lower income to maintain his or her standard of living while the divorce is pending, such an award can be harmful to the spouse who is forced to pay.

We will analyze the temporary alimony request, along with all supporting financial information provided to the court. We will determine if any other documentation can be filed with the court to help support your claim for relief. We will then file a motion requesting temporary relief and advocate strongly on your behalf in front of the judge. Our goal is always to protect your interests at each stage of this process.

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For help seeking temporary relief from your maintenance payment, contact our New York alimony attorney today. We can help you understand your options and likelihood of success.